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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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out. and one of his many students. this cake is totally edible. and we made enough that it will be able to serve 500, if the mayor cuts small little pieces. [laughter] any way, happy birthday. >> thank you very much! wonderful! >> whoo, happy birthday to mayor ed lee!
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we have a party in the house! thank you. and we are all going to get to have a piece. thank you. we're going to remove the cake so that it can be cut and you could each have a piece. meanwhile, we will have the finale, and we ask everybody to stand up and dance, ok? we would like to ask the elected officials, the dignitaries, commissioners, come up to the stage! we're going to ask the mayor to stay on the stage so we can watch him boogie. everyone, come on up. hi, dean, , not.
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all right, party in the house! come up! ♪ [dance music plays] ♪
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[applause] >> great. whoo! ok, , like to ask our cultural profession folks to gather around the mayor for a group photo. please gather around, thank you. and we need to back up a little bit, thank you. all right. is the mayor a great dancer or what?
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we need to get him to boogie down at his campaign. a reminder, pick up your ticket, please, as you had upstairs to the green room, at the reception, and i will see you at 7:00 p.m. weeknights on channel 5. have a great time tonight. thank you. enjoy, mental, eat. -- enjoy, mingle, eat.
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>> please look on the mayor of san francisco. -- please welcome at the mayor of san francisco. >> welcome, everyone. 102nd annual luncheon and i am distracted. first of all, i have made my staff very nervous. i am not following the teleprompter. i might not be in cahoots with the video. please bear with me. first of all, congratulations. thank you for being part of this rich collaboration to support our tourism and hospitality industry. i want to recognize the former
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mayor's for being here. i know they have shared a love for the city as i have and they know how important tourism is. they also know how important it is that we have to continue to be a strong city but also an international city and i am excited to be here, to be with you. to do this 102 times, this is fantastic. i am here to make one simple announcement. in light of the value of our tourism industry, and you know all of that, you are part of a very successful industry that has cost us some 71,000.
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we have an increase in visitors from 2010. you are also helping us to change of their unemployment. we invest here to make improvements. this simple announcement is that we're going to expand this center. i can announce that we are beginning something which is really really important to buttress that expansion, that is to begin a 25-year master plan
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for our whole center and all the things we wanted to in conjunction with their. that is how we support our tourism industry and our hospitality industry. with that, we have the beginnings of our master plan. you know the work that i did, part of our success is doing long-term planning. we have done that with our 10- year capital infrastructure plan so that once we have completed that plan and we have allowed all of our departments to weigh in, we are doing the same thing with our 25-year master plan. we have skidmore, merrill, and -- helping us do this. by the end of this summer, they will present that master plan to us for consideration. when you plan for success, you
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will be successful. that is what we have learned very simply in our city. i am excited to do that. i am excited to start out that planning and make sure that gets done. we share in the same level of excitement. how about that perfect game? that started excitement. [applause] how about the the excitement from the u.s. open? how about the summit we're having this weekend. happy pride month in san francisco. to continue that, and to build for the future with all of the success we have with our giants, with all of the offense that we create, with the offense that we just had with this fantastic icon, the year for our golden gate bridge.
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we have a few more things to celebrate in the future. what do you think about the warriors coming back to san francisco? we will have the nba working with us not just for great venues for basketball team, will also have another iconic as a new -- we will have another iconic venue. i think for this year, beginning in august we will have the america's cup. this is just in two months. the world series of america's cup comes to san francisco, how about that? just this week, the main wing
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has arrived in san francisco. do you know what a wingspan and some 13 floors looks like. just look at goldin gate ave. you will see a win of usa or both. this will be just as tall as 13 floors. that will be fantastic. i would like to thank the america's cup organizing committee because they're working really really hard to make sure that we have a great foundation for successful events, for raising a good amount of money to do this. i want to thank you for the fantastic partnership in doing so because the world series will start this year in august and then we will have the big races next year. it will also give a strong shout out to our travel. you and the halting have been wonderful. you have been focusing not only
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on the center, not only on neighborhoods, but now i think we have this opportunity to say that we're no longer just a venue for dit u.s., we are and -- we are an international venue. who are we competing with? it is no longer new york for florida or san diego or chicago, it is beijing, shanghai, paris, it is all of the international venues. your market and our market is no longer national, this is international. this is where the excitement comes. we set the standards very differently we are no longer just a san francisco entity providing advance and we do a great job with our convention
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bureau. our offense now are connecting us to the whole area. -- our events now are connecting us with the whole area. they also want to go to napa, they want to go to silicon valley. we have a lot to celebrate, we have a lot of work to do. this is in the context of us expanding the senator said that we can have more people at work. our unemployment rate has dropped to 7.4% as a result of your work. let's give a shout out to all of the men and women that are serving us today. thank you for your great work. i look forward to working with you, with all of the hospitality partners that we have. we have all of us working here, we have our fire chief and
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police chief working here. all of our different departments. all of us are a working together to support muni. we are working collaborative lee with our conventions and our better business bureau. thank you to all of the officers that have worked in our hospitality room. how would like to add a great congratulations to all of those receiving a reward. thank you for your wonderful riding. everyone, enjoy your luncheon. enjoy our great city. keep celebrating with us. we will find new ways and new opportunities to celebrate. congratulations, everyone.
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>> first on ti -- untie figure 8. the mayor gets a handle on the situation. you can hold onto the ropes. we are going to do it all at once. >> let it go. >> all right. [applause] fax time adopt -- >> tie it up.
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>> the mayor is beautiful o. >> you have got to get your sailing shopchops. good job. >> great job. >> thank you. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen welcome, all you fabulous people. it is pride. [applause] it is pride, ladies and gentlemen. i would like to thank each and everyone of you for attending the flag raising ceremony, and we are excited because we have some special guests.
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i will be your hostess, and it is a pleasure to introduce the mayor of san francisco. please welcome mayor edwin lee. >> happy pride month. [applause] i am so happy to be here, and it is an honor to join this stage with our supervisors and jose. goolet's give a hand to our leader pelosi, the chief of police, mr. henderson from my office, and all the other leaders. thank you 3 much. we have a great reason to be celebratory the whole month, and i want to let you know i expect hundreds of thousands of people to come to our city to enjoy not
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only the great weather but the celebratory events and we have in store, and we are going the right direction. we are doing everything we can to have a city that is recovering common and and we get to shine our san francisco values for the rest of the country for a whole month, if not a whole year. how about that famine? i am not going to give you a whole speech. i am going to leave that to the other politicians. i take great pride in this city. whether it is commissioners or people in the community who work with us, our supervisors and elected officials, i take great pride in working with all of them to make sure this city is a warm, welcoming, servers, and
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equitable city, and this year's theme, a global economy, is all about getting the whole world to pay attention to how the quality would benefit them, so a wonderful team. i want to thank the gay pride committee and all the people. it is wonderful to see you get out of the economic doldrums and into the loves and success in the city. we have suffered many years of setbacks. we have suffered where programs we care about, services have been attractants, and this year and for the next two years i worked hard with supervisors to make sure we had conversation and restored all the funding to the cuts to hiv and aids, and we
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will continue making that commitment, and that should not be an issue here in san francisco. it should never be an issue. we should always talk about how we serve the residents of this city equitably, and that is why we have to make sure we have a strong economic base to make sure that happens, and at the same time we can have a police chief that create the video that helps our use and make sure they know we care about them. a whole police department needs to be praised for their efforts to educate our youth, and in addition to making sure discrimination is not faithere d that we have programs to do that, we are offering our kids
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jobs so they can make sure they get employment, and they can have some of their freedoms as well. we are making sure all of our kids get the jobs they need. we will keep working to make the city better. there is more that needs to be done. we are lucky to live no cuts for health care for human services. we have a lot to do. every time we make an investment, the state or the fed will cut other programs. they cannot figure it out. that is why i need all of you to work with us in our city. celebrate our diversity, but work hard together for all of us.
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i am so glad to see all of the community grand marshals you have in your program today from all walks of life. we have activist attorneys common community activists, artists, former political people all over the map in terms of the discipline that is reflected in community awards. people have done great things, and i want to especially single out someone who has given me a lot of support and a lot of vision for what the city needs, and that is your lifetime achievement community leader you are honoring today with a lifetime achievement award, and that is nearly brown, jr.. thank you for being here. [applause]
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if i may, in light of all the different organizational and community leaders you are honoring as grand marshals, and a big thanks to the board chair and all the other staff who has worked hard to put on a successful gay pride month of activities. i also want to call up and willie brown for this certificate of honor for your lifetime worth of achievements. goo[applause] >> you deserve it. >> i spend about an -- i arrived early. it is on characteristic for me to get any place early, but i got here early because someone
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lied to me, and i went to visit with the mayor. he never said one word about this kind of honor, and i am thankful, and for those of you who have never touched me, i am right up there. [applause] >> we got one more duty. you and i are going to present. we have done this every week. did you have done this four times more than i have, and that is to declare this to be lgbt and gay pride month in san francisco during good -- in san francisco. where is brandon? come on up. you have the two mayors
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presenting you this proclamation, as mayors do. [applause] congratulations on all your great work this month. >> thank you all for being here, so the mayor has talked about what a great celebration this is this week, and i have to say this is one of buckner biggest events, and s me do one of the biggest events, and we have a couple of other celebrations. when we talk about the fabric of the people who have been a part of pride, we have people we would like to honor, so when i
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call your name, come up so we can honor you as well. i would like to start with the gilbert breaker -- gilbert baker pride award for kohlberg baker -- gilbert baker. >> you have to stand up here. [applause] >> thank you. i would like to call up fish of christopher, who is a longtime advocate for lgbt community in uganda.